SCP — The Janitor

Twisted Bricks
2 min readDec 13, 2020

I recently discovered Forlorn Creature (Thomas Evans) on Youtube, and I am extremely impressed by his brickfilming abilities. In this blog post I will be discussing his short, SCP — The Janitor.

The brickfilm opens with a janitor waking to an alarm notifying him of a clean up required in a containment unit. Evans does an incredible job lighting the following scenes, and it is clear he is using tiny LED lights instead of just VFX. You can learn more about how he lit the set by watching his behind-the-scenes .

Evans’ expertise in sound design is also apparent. Not a single footstep is unaccounted for, and the volume control is perfect. There is a fun twist on the mood of the film as the janitor, who is listening to beautiful classical music on his headphones, walks lightly into the horrific mess he has been tasked to clean. The sound design stays strong as the unfazed janitor begins to mop up the squelching blood and guts and drops body parts into his cart. All of this takes place on a smooth-tiled floor, which is an ambitious animation task!

It is at this moment when something quite spooky happens, but you’ll have to watch the film yourself to see what that is! You can find the film in our animation archives, or you can watch it directly on Youtube . Be sure to subscribe to Forlorn Creature on Youtube, as you’re not gonna want to miss whatever he has planned for the future.

Originally published at on December 13, 2020.